We provide end-to-end tailor-made services for our clients

Moving Services Offered

International Household Relocations
  • Moving from any part of the country in Zimbabwe to any destination worldwide
  • Moving from any part of the world to Zimbabwe
  • Door to door – From any city within Zimbabwe to any destination residence in any other country. This is a full move where we will arrange everything from origin to destination residence
  • Client will wait for us to deliver the goods to the destination or residence
  • Door to port – From house within any city in Zimbabwe to destination country’s port or terminal of entry. The client will then arrange his or her own customs, collection of cargo from airport or port and delivery to own house at destination
  • Port to port – Where client can pack on his or her own and require assistance in arranging the shipping of the goods either by air, sea or road until destination airport or port
Domestic Household Relocations
  • Intercity relocations within the country
  • Local relocations within the city – That is from one house to the other within same city
Office Move Relocations
  • Changing offices from one city to another city
  • Changing offices from one location to another location within same city
  • Moving offices from one country to another country
Warehousing And Storage
  • Short-term storage – We can keep your household goods and personal effects for a short time while you are either looking for alternative accommodation or renovating your current house
  • Long-term storage – We can keep your household goods and personal effects for a long period
  • Cars can also be stored in our large warehouse facility
  • Commercial cargo – We have a section to keep commercial cargo for long-term or short-term periods

NB: Our warehouse has armed guards on duty twenty-four hours a day, alarm system, cameras and is fumigated after every two weeks. Clients can be rest assured that their goods are well-secured and maintained at all times.

Car Relocation
  • We can assist with exporting your car from Zimbabwe to a worldwide destination and also import from any part of the world to Zimbabwe.
  • Assist Zimbabweans with importation of cars from abroad e.g. Japan via Beira and Maputo as well as Durban ports to Zimbabwe.
Antique And Fine Art Relocation
  • We have a specialised department that handles antique and fine art. Delicate packing, wrapping and transportation.
Transit Insurance

Chavilon has its own marine and transit insurance policy to cover our client goods. For clients wishing to have their own insurance cover we have a department that can assist with organising transit insurance cover. Here a client will have to pay a certain premium depending on the declared value.

Packing And Wrapping

We use internationally recognised material to pack and wrap our clients goods to ensure that they are protected from damages. Materials such as bubble plastic, film, white paper, corrugate, American blankets, cushions are used.

We have different boxes used to pack various goods that is, Standard cartons, picture cartons,  book cartons, lined cartons, air cartons and wardrobe cartons.

  • Our team can assist with customs clearance and transportation of material to trade shows and fairs for clients wanting to exhibit in Zimbabwe or outside the country
  • We also help local organisations or individuals who may want to move their exhibition materials to trade fairs or shows by professionally packing and wrapping the goods and transporting them to the site
Commercial Cargo
  • With our experienced personnel we can offer full logistics services for general commodities and projects shipped worldwide
  • We offer export packing, forwarding, customs clearance and warehousing for any commodity
Road Freight
  • We have both closed and open trucks with the capacity to carry 20 ft, 40 ft and small shipments to any destination within Zimbabwe and regionally
Air Freight
  • Chavilon Movers has strong relationships with airlines which enable us to deliver the goods to all major cities within Zimbabwe, regionally and internationally
  • Clients can forward from Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare to Zambia, South Africa and some areas within Zimbabwe
Sea Freight
  • Zimbabwe, being landlocked, we do inland haulage either by rail or road so that the containers can be loaded in Durban, Beira and Maputo. Or destinations within Mozambique Depending on customer preference.
Customs Clearance

We offer in-house customs clearance, that we will assist with the documentation and customs clearance of exports, imports for general cargo, cars, furniture and household goods. Our clearing team will ensure that clients are advised on required documents on time to avoid storage and demurrage costs.


We offer crating services to fragile items such as sculptures, glass tables, plasma TVs etc.

Outgoing Shipments, Shipments Moving Out Of Zimbabwe

Moving Procedures

A pre-move assessment at client residence to ascertain:

● Volume
● Type of material to use
● Number of crew
● Accessibility of the residence

We will also get to know the client’s requirements and expectations face-to-face. The pre-move survey is done for free regardless of whether we win the job or not. Our Sales and Marketing department submits the quotation to the client with full details including; price, terms and conditions.

Client accepts our proposal either by phone call or email. Upon receiving the acceptance of our proposal, the sales consultant handling the move shall immediately contact the client by phone call or email to schedule pack out dates. The sales consultant advises the client on the documentation required to facilitate export clearance from origin as well as documentation needed at destination.

Pack Out

The sales consultant will brief the operations manager about the job and what he/she agreed with the client, thus ensuring smooth relocation. The client file is then handed over to the operations manager so that the department plan on resources needed to execute the work as per expectations of the client.

Informing Client

The sales consultant will then contact client to confirm that the pack out and also to introduce the operations manager who will be in charge of the whole work. Prior to pack out date the operations manager contacts the client two days before to confirm the pack out dates.

Day Of Pack Out

The operations manager accompanies the crew to client residence and introduces the crew and the supervisor who will be in charge. The sales consultant shall pop in from time to time to check if the crew is doing what was agreed with the client and also to check if client is happy or not with the pack out. During pack out the supervisor will show the client any abnormalities on the client goods like marks, scratches and any other damages and will be written on the inventory or packing list.

Finishing The Packing

The client will be given the copy of his/her inventory and as the goods are being loaded in container or truck. Both client and supervisor shall tick or verify as the goods are being moved. At the end of collection both client and supervisor will sign the packing list and any discrepancies will be noted and signed for.


For sea shipments these can either be loaded directly into container at client residents and sealed in presence of customer. Or can be temporarily moved to our warehouse if exports are not yet ready or client needs to be at destination before goods can be dispatched. Regular updates about status of the goods are sent to client via email.

To enable us to load the container at client residence we require the documents to be submitted to us at least five days (5) before the pack out date.

Incoming Shipments

Shipments coming (imports) into Zimbabwe require documents at least 7 days before arrival of cargo for shipments discharged at airport or container terminal or Customs warehouse. Upon arrival of the cargo our clearing officer compiles documents for submission at customs.

Customs Approval

Once customs approves, the client is notified about expected date of delivery. The cargo will be taken from container terminal or airport direct to client residence or our warehouse depending on what the client wants. During delivery both client and the supervisor tick the inventories, as goods are moved into the new house.

Client and supervisor double-check if everything has been ticked, any missing number should be verified and then confirmed by both client and supervisor during delivery. The crew will then place goods in respective rooms at client residence. Crew unpacks and assembles furniture. Removal of debris can be removed same day or the following day. The client will sign the inventory once both client and supervisor confirm that the goods have been delivered as per inventory/ packing list from the origin. Any breakages or missing items should be noted on both inventory and quality control form.